Bicycle Parking Basics

Bicycle parking has become an issue for local communities, as well as for cycling enthusiasts, especially because it is lacking in most places. If you like commuting to work, or going on errands using your bike, you may have already noticed how little trees and fences are used instead of proper parking.

As bicycle theft is truly an issue, and an important deterrent to those that would like to reduce their carbon footprint by riding their bikes instead of their cars, it is important to know what can be done better about special parking for bicycles.

How Should Bicycle Parking Look Like?

First of all, this type of parking has to be easy to access, and readily available in most places, such as in front of stores, businesses, and official buildings. Allowing cyclists to go around everywhere with their bikes can truly make a difference.

Also, bike parking has to be well lit, and the racks have to be well designed, in order to accommodate the entire body of the bike, and not just one wheel. Also, these racks should allow locking down the bikes, with the use of a simple cable.

bicycle parking

Location, Location, Location

Bike parking spaces that are not easily visible will more likely remain unused. For this reason, they have to be installed in places that are highly populated, but without generating any conflicts with pedestrians or motorists. The racks need to be positioned close to one another, to make the best of the available space, but not too close, so that bikes do not get damaged by slamming into one another.

Types of Parking for Bicycles

This type of parking is regulated in various ways by local laws, but there are some things that all regulations have in common, such as that the racks need to ensure proper support, and safety features. There are, however, other criteria that come into play, such as the duration for which the bike owner needs to have their means of transportation parked.

Short Term Parking

Short term parking is usually designed to serve crowded areas, such as in front of stores, official buildings, and office buildings. They need to be installed at a reasonable distance from building entrances, and they have to be easy to spot, as well as plentiful.

Long Term Facilities

There are also places that ensure long term parking for bikes. The level of security is greatly increased, and cyclists can leave their means of transportation under supervision for an entire day, or even overnight. Longer durations are also accommodated, against a higher fee. Also, cyclists may need to travel further for parking and getting back their backs, as a trade off for this kind of convenience.

Covered Parking

For cyclists, it is important to be able to keep their bikes protected from rain and other weather conditions. Now, there are more and more parking facilities for bikes that also offer covering, so that the gear remains in perfect condition.

How to Look for Bicycle Parking

A regulation in regards to bike parking refers to the inclusion of specific signage. When you are in a highly populated area and you need to park your bike, you should look for one of these signs. Instead of tying down your bike to a tree or a fence, you can spend a bit more time looking for one of these special parking places.

Why is it Important to have Special Parking

Leaving your bike all over the place is nothing short of an invitation for thieves to make a run for it. Also, using trees and fences as bike poles does not do a lot of good for the general appeal of an area. To protect the environment, and ensure the safety of your bike, bicycle parking must be considered a necessity.

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