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  • Are you agonizing over which bicycles are the best for your cycling needs?
  • Are you concerned about your safety or maintenance issues?
  • Do you frequently wonder what types of accessories or clothing would enhance your cycling?
  • Are you looking to take your cycling training up a notch or two?

It doesn’t matter whether you are only beginning bike riding or a veteran cyclist, a hard-core mountain biker or a recreational one; there always comes a time when you need specific cycling information.

It’s easy to spend hours trying to find the right information that is relevant to you, but this is time you could have spent enjoying your favorite bike trail.

This site is designed to save you time, while providing all essential high quality information you need about advancing in cycling and making the most of this incredible hobby.

If there’s something in particular you’re looking for, please take a look at the links on the left column of this page, or if you are new to cycling please check out this page on bicycle cycling.


Bike riding is a feeling that few things in life that compare to; cycling down your favourite trail, or road, the fresh air surrounding you. Regardless of age or gender, cycling appeals to almost everyone; whether as a form of transport, because of the numerous health benefits, as a tool to reduce your carbon footprint by driving less, or simply because it is a lot of fun.

Taking up riding as a hobby, or advancing in cycling, can be intimidating; it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to find accurate, non-biased information. On this site, we strive to provide you with everything you need to know to answer your questions, to make steady progress in your cycling and to ensure you are getting the most out of your bike.

As someone who is passionate about cycling, I’ve written the content on this site so it is based on things I wish someone had told me when I first started cycling and lessons I have learned along the way. Designed to save you time, while helping your motivation stay high, this site is a place to educate yourself on any topic related to cycling and bikes.

This Site Will Provide:

  • What’s on the market: Discover the different types of bikes available out there are so you can find out which kind suits your cycling preference best.
  • Reviews: Read all the bicycle, parts, accessories and clothing reviews by and for cyclists.
  • Deals: Learn about the best deals on new bikes, bicycle parts, tools and accessories.
  • Advice: Get help if you need it - whether you need some help on any bicycle related issues such as maintenance, training, diet or if you need help choosing a new bicycle.
  • Maintenance ideas: Fantastic maintenance ideas to keep your bike in tip top shape so you can enjoy your cycling passion.

While this site is designed to be a complete cycling resource, there is a chance that we’ve missed something that you’re searching for. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly and I’ll do my best to find answers to what you are looking for.

All About Cycling
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Bicycle Cycling
Bicycle Cycling: Re-ignite your childhood passion of bike riding with this inspiring introduction to this enjoyable and health promoting activity.
Bicycle Tour of Colorado
Inspire a bicycle tour of Colorado with this guide to bicycle tours in Colorado.
Introduction to Road Bicycle Racing
Enhance your cycling by launching your cycle racing addiction with this introduction to road bicycle racing
The Tour de France Winners
The list of Tour de France winners is filled with many of the world’s cycling legends. It first took place in 1903 and has since risen to be the most prestigious endurance road races.
British Cycling
Discover the best cycling trails in UK, with a short guide on British cycling, and the most beautiful destinations for all kinds of riders.
Best Bicycles Made for You
Do you know the best bicycles for your preferred type of cycling? We have a whole page devoted to various bikes and their different purposes in your life. Become a bike savant now.
The Most Popular Bicycle Brands
Find out how to decide which bicycle brand you should consider buying so that you can make a good investment and keep your bike up and running for a long time.
Mountain Bike Sales: Trends and Best Times to Buy
Discover the trends for mountain bike sales, with a short guide on the history of this market, and best times to shop for such models.
Riding Motorized Bicycles – Fun, Safe and Economical
Learn all about motorized bicycles, a solution to fuel soaring prices, with a short guide on general types, designs and advantages.
Guide to Buying Kids Bikes
Learn how to solidify your children's cycling enjoyment by finding out everything you need to know about buying the best kids bikes.
Schwinn Bicycle Parts
Get in to see why Schwinn bicycle parts are so famous, if they are affordable for everyone and decide if you would like to buy some when making or upgrading your own bicycle.
Bicycle Parts Accessories
Enjoy your cycling more by learning to accessorize your bicycle with this incredible introduction to bicycle parts accessories.
Bicycle Helmet Laws
Enhance your cycling enjoyment and benefits by increasing your safety as a cyclist by being aware of bicycle helmet laws.
Bicycle Trainers
Inspire a love for indoor cycling and enhance your training with this beginners guide to bicycle trainers.
Bicycle Safety Tips
Increase the enjoyment and effectiveness of your bike ride by enhancing your road safety with this straightforward introduction to bicycle safety tips.
Cascade Bicycle Club – The Biggest Cycling Club in the US
Learn about Cascade Bicycle Club, their involvement in promoting cycling, with a short guide on their history, their most important initiatives and their most popular activities.
Bicycle Crash
Enhance your bike riding experience and protect yourself and your rights with out comprehensive guide on what to do after a bicycle crash.
Bicycle Gears
Enhance your ability to maintain your bike by jumpstarting your knowledge on bicycle gears.
Bicycle Mechanic
Enjoy your ride and keep your bike in a great condition by learning the secrets of finding a great bicycle mechanic.
Guide to Buying Bicycle Apparel
Enhance your cycling enjoyment and comfort with this guide to buying the right bicycle apparel.
Buying the Best Cycling Footwear
Enhance your cycling enjoyment by transforming your cycling by investing in a great set of cycling footwear.
How to Find Bicycle Art
Ignite your art passion with this introduction to the world of bicycle art.
Cycling Expert Interviews
Interviews with cycling experts from different parts of the world.

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